Mathematics Worksheets Printable

Mathematics Worksheets Printable for all grades. Currently we have worksheets on Decimals, Fractions & Percentages, Basic algebraic operations. Data Handling, Area & Volume, Pythagoras, Area of sector, arc length, angle of sector, Trigonometry and Gradients. These work sheets can be used by Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, IGCSE, EdExcel, O Levels, A Levels Students of Mathematics.

Decimals, Fractions & Percentages Worksheet Printable

Algebra 1 – Basic algebraic operations Worksheet Printable

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Data Handling Worksheet Printable

Area & Volume Worksheet Printable

How many questions I must solve accurately?

Normally, grade 5 students can solve 40% of this worksheet. Grade 6 and Grade 7 student can solve around 70% of the questions without seeking for help from teachers. Grade 8 and IGCSE/ O Level students should be able to solve 100%, all these parts without even wasting anymore time. If you are unable to solve, you may require a Math Teacher Online who can guide you with the concepts of Simple Probability .

Pythagoras Worksheet Printable

Circle Mathematics Worksheets Printable

Trigonometry – SOH-CAH-TOA Worksheet Printable

Trigonometry – Non-right angled triangles Worksheet Printable

Gradients and the Straight Line Worksheet Printable

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I am looking for Cambridge Online Tutor/ Home Tutor for my Kid. Where can I find?

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Do we Offer Online Courses for IGCSE/O Levels?

Yes, you can visit our Courses Section to find updated courses on Business Studies, Accounting, Commerce and Economics. These courses contains, video lectures, complete notes, activities, worksheets, case studies and a dedicated teacher available for you for 1-to-1 teaching sessions.

Do we offer Student Resource Packs?

Yes, Student Resource Books are available for Business Studies, Accounting, Economics & Commerce for IGCSE, O-Levels & A-Level Students. Please see our Main Menu on top of this page.

Do we offer IGCSE, O/A Level Past Papers in Pakistan?

Yes, you can visit Pakistan Teachers Club for past papers or Place an Order via WhatsApp at 0345 596 6616

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