About Me

19+ years of Industrial, Training & Teaching Experience with proven track record, 100% Success Rate, Distinction Holder Student, Improved grades by each and every student.

Currently affiliated with; Benchmark College (A Levels Business), DHAI Education System (A Levels Business, IGCSE Accounting), Benchmark School (IGCSE Business, IGCSE Accounting), LAC Online School (A Level Business, IGCSE Business), Monarch (Edexcel A Level Business, IGCSE Business)

My Experience
A Levels Business, Benchmark College System
IGCSE Business & Accounting, Benchmark School System
A Level Business, LAC Online School
IGCSE/A Levels Business, IGCSE Accounting @ DES
Finance & Strategic Dept, NLC | Tehzeeb | PTC | Milanoz etc
Straight A/A*
Recent Achievements

One of my lovely student achieved an A* in Accounting & Business at IGCSE Levels. Later secured Distinction at A Level Business (Edexcel).

100% Success Rate since Inception (for students taking min 3-4 months of rigorous sessions at School, College & Academy Levels)


I was never a teacher but my students made me by believing in my methodologies which started working & now Alhamdulillah, I am bestowed with the gems who are successful in their careers! 

“At IGCSE, I was a sciences student but joined Business group at A Levels. The way Sir Afzal explained the concepts with real life examples, videos, research sessions & project work helped me land on Grade A*. Sir Afzal is truly an amazing teacher for Business”
Anum choudhry
“Accounting was a depression for me, I was thinking to drop this subject but my fellow told me about Sir Afzal. I took the demo session and it was a ray of hope. Later, I finished my session in less than 3 months. In short span of time I upgraded myself from Grade 'U' to Grade 'A'. Sir Afzal is a true legend”
Shahrum Abbasi
It was hard, it was worse, it was hateful. Yes, I am talking about Accounting of O Levels which I was thinking to drop as i was badly failed at my Mid terms. One of my friends told me about sir Afzal & I took his demo classes online. I kept working with him and after some time, accounting started to be my thing. At the end ii landed at an 'A' which was impossible earlier. I would say, trust his techniques and at the end it would work for sure.
Mehmood Khan
I would be honest sir, you are the one whom I hated as you kept pushing me & making me do those long questions. Even while sitting at the Mid Terms, I wasn't that good but you kept your trust in me. I don't know why, but the day I appeared in my Mocks & the CAIE, I wasn't confident about any subject but Accounting. I still remember your words, "go with the flow to see accounting will bestow grades" & eventually it DID at the end. Thank you for trusting in me sir. You are truly a guru jee!
Momina Shafique